Biden's Most Embarrassing Moments Thus Far

As we approach year two of the Biden administration, the only thing consistent about Biden’s Build Back Better Plan, is that he was referring to building back better the Republican Party. The video below merely represents some of the many reasons we need you to get off the sidelines and get some skin in the game; if not, we can lose America forever. #LaughNowCryLater

Together Locally We Make Change Nationally

See the source imageInterested in joining the fight of our generation? Wondering how you can help your community elect public servants that are in tune with the needs of your neighborhood? 

Join us.

We are a grassroots organization helping dozens of candidates run for justice, commissioners, mayors, township supervisors, school boards, auditors, local boards and many more. 

You will have a chance to meet other like-minded neighbors and make lifelong friends in the process.

This is an all hands-on deck opportunity. We are looking for as many volunteers as possible. Grassroots are essential to winning campaigns and the Lehigh County Republican Committee is planning the largest grassroots campaign in our committee’s history.

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In College? Need Hours? Why not do what you love + volunteering for a good cause + changing lives?

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Statement on internships signed by former Chairman Glenn Eckhart.

This is an opportunity to provide experience for students with an interest in politics and earn college credits in your institution. Sign up using the form or call our office.


As the Republican Committee it is our duty to be the voice for this Conservative Generation. We can no longer main just the Silent Majority. Team RED stands for Replace Every Democrat. Together we will do just that.

It has been a difficult two years to say the least. Many of us are feeling beyond weary and broken down. This is not the time to lay down, give up or walk away. We need to come together and focus on our morals, values, beliefs, and most importantly the Love our Lord & Creator has for us. The plans He has for us. Get involved locally so we can make a difference nationally. If you want to sign up and join the fight of our generation, email or call our office to learn how to join Team RED today!

Consider contributing just $5 today to ensure that the Radical Left doesn’t succeed in their quest for power at the expense of our American Dream!