The Lehigh County Republican Committee exists to serve the members of the Republican Party residing in Lehigh County. Our goal is to advance our Republican Principles by helping to elect Republicans at all levels of government.


That a government is limited to operate within its constitutional authority.

That government must be limited, defined as limited in scope, authority and expense.

That the traditional family unit and the sanctity of life are the building blocks of our nation.

That religious freedom is a pillar of American society.

That our security is of major importance so that we may live in peace, liberty and without fear.

That it is the duty of all levels of government to protect citizens from foreign and domestic harm.

That our children and communities grow in creative strength through a quality education.

That our elected public servants should be supported, but also held accountable to defend these principles during public policy decisions.

If you believe in these Principles and would like to help us, please volunteer and/or donate.