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Democrats continue to show their true colors of extremism all while trying to pin the title to Conservatives. They think we're stupid but we are AWAKE and we won't let them FORGET what they've done. Here's the Dirty Dems List of Failures.

Let’s Focus on The Facts


  • Inflations is at an ALL TIME High 
  • Under Democrats Gas has risen catastrophically, topping $5 this summer
  • Grocery store shelves are bare and Mothers struggle to find baby formula


  • Democrats like Josh Shapiro think parents have no business in their children’s education and have flagged parents as Domestic Terrorists
  • Isn’t a supporter of School Choice while his children attend one of the states elite private schools at nearly $40K yearly tuition
  • Racism and Gender ideology is now being taught in our schools

Border Policy

  • MILLIONS of unknown trespassers are POURING across the southern border into our neighborhoods HERE AT HOME
  • 100,000 troops go into UKRAINE and they are being INVADED, meanwhile here at home millions maurade the border and we are told to remain silent
  • We line our homes with fences and told we are racist biggots for wanting to live in a nation with a secure border

Safe Communities

  • Cities were burned, businesses looted and destroyed, and the Democrats praised or excused the violence
  • Democrats refused to enforce our laws and rightfully prosecute criminals
  • Democrats demonize the men and women who protect an dserve while they cheer for the men who dominate women’s sports

Election Integrity

Act 77 was intended to PROTECT our elections, but the act was highjacked by the Democrats and is now executed completely outside of the law

Women's Rights

  • Democrats want to make this election about women’s rights, but yet they can’t even define a woman.
  • Abortion is made to be a hot topic and the highlight of the Anti-Mastriano agenda; regardless of his beliefs, he will not rule as King like Wolf did. He will not govern by mandates or edicts (an official order or proclamation issued by a person in authority).
  • Mastriano’s proposed heartbeat bill does NOT change the current Pennsylvania law, which permits abortions in up to 24 weeks (6 months) of pregnancy, regardless of whether a heartbeat is detected. The legislation retains current exceptions for the health of the mother.

Please Inform yourselves by reading the full bill here.

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