Pennsylvania Republicans can vote early AND in-person for the May 16th primary by going directly to their county election office. Get your vote in now and skip the lines on election day. Learn more: Click Image

“It’s an experience that has become familiar to us as Republicans in the last few years — we put in countless hours of work only to have our efforts ruined by a flood of Democrat votes that were cast well before the polls even opened.”
Check out this op-ed from the Win Again Executive Director:

Real Question; Why Vote?

Here is why it is so vital:

It is safe to say that there have been questions surrounding our Election integrity going as far back as 2016 from the Left and now since 2020, from pretty much everyone else. Some of you may even be questioning the point of even trying and may not want to participate at all in our civic duty. We are here to shout the complete opposite!
The higher our turn out numbers, the HARDER it is to cheat! This past year here in our county of Lehigh 31% of registered Republicans came out to vote. Meanwhile, Democrats nearly hit 27%. In order to win nationally we need to stay focused and win locally. Evidence has shown that the larger the margin, the sloppier the wicked are in their creative methods to “fill” in the gaps. Cancel culture has proven that more than 50% of this nation is made of God-fearing Patriots, and it’s about time our numbers reflect that. 

The silent majority no more.

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2023 Candidates
2023 Candidates

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