building a team of natural leaders

The city of Allentown is now more than 52% Latino and they’ve been let down over and over again for the past twenty years. Mayors, council-members, commissioners, and state representatives have pursued their vote and promised them many things only to give away their water rights, plan the construction of a garbage incinerator in their neighborhoods, demolish their buildings, use their tax dollars to price them out of their own neighborhoods, restrict employment on major projects, and unwilling to elect one of their own to a position of authority in our city, county, and state.

For almost twenty years the Lehigh County Republican Committee has been recruiting, campaigning, and educating the residents of Allentown. We’ve lead the way in the city of Allentown; Latino candidates have carried the Republican banner in elections since 2006, have been in positions of authority in our party as Area Captains, Executive Director, and Vice-Chairman, and coalition leaders for national and local campaigns.

Our work to support the growing Latino community has made way for natural leaders to rise up and challenge the status quo. With a heritage rich in hard work, entrepreneurship, faith, and a love for family and community it makes perfect sense that we support the ideas, endeavors, and growth of the Latino community to become decision makers in their own right. 

This year, Tim Ramos, Marjulee Colon, and Jackie Rivera are on the ballot to represent Allentown in both the city and county governments. We continue to lead with these highly qualified candidates on our side and hope to continue the work to educate and bring new perspectives of politics and government directly to the Latino community.