Lehigh County 2021 Candidates

*Candidates are organized by school board district and candidates listed does not reflect an endorsement from the Lehigh County Republican Committee. Click on the candidates name to direct you to a link to their information if available  Any further questions call 610-435-3322 


Supreme Court

Kevin Brobson

Superior Court

Megan Sullivan

Commonwealth Court(Vote for 2)

Drew Crompton

Stacy Marie Wallace

In addition, Pleae vote to retain these fellow Republican Judges:

John T. Bender

Mary Jane Bowes

Anne Covey

Renee Cohn Jubelirer

Court of Common Pleas Retention Election (Vote Yes)

Doug Reichley

Court of Common Pleas(Vote for 3)

Tom Caffrey 

Tom Capehart

David Ritter 

County Executive

Glenn Eckhart

County Commissioner 

Antonio Pineda: District 1

Ron Beitler: District 2

Jackie Rivera: District 3

Marjulee Colon: District 4

Jeff Dutt: District 5

Click for Commissioner District Ma

County Commissioner

Marjulee Colon: Center City Allentown, West End Allentown

Jackie Rivera: East Allentown, South Allentown

Magisterial District Court 

Patti Engler (District 31-1-01) 


Tim Ramos

City Council

Tom Houck

School Board

Robert E. Smith Jr.

County Commissioner 

Jackie RiveraBethlehem, Fountain Hill 

Bethlehem Mayor

John Kachmar

Fountain Hill Borough Council

Philip Trabel

County Commissioner

Jackie RiveraCatasauqua/Hanover

Catasauqua/Hanover School Board

Dale K Hein 

Shawn P. McGinley 

Catasauqua Mayor

Barbara A. Schlegel 

Catasauqua Borough Council

Paul Cmil

Hanover Township Council

Joseph Heimbecker 

Rick Tocci

County Commissioner

Jeff Dutt: Emmaus, Macungie, Upper Milford

Ron Beitler: Alburtis, Lower Macungie

East Penn School Board

Michael Felegy 

Rachael Vermeulen (Write-In)


Alburtis Borough Council

Steven Hill

Chad Atkins

Emmaus Mayor

Lee Ann Gilbert

Emmaus Borough Council

John F. Belin Jr.

Brent Labenberg

Lower Macungie Township Commissioner(Vote for 3)

Brian P. Higgins 

Brian L. Shoemaker

Richard V. Ward

Macungie Mayor

Ronald Conrad

Macungie Borough Council

Gregory Hutchinson

John Yerma

County Commissioner

Antonio Pineda: North Whitehall

Ron Beitler: South Whitehall, Upper Macungie

Marjulee Colon: Allentown 17-4 and Allentown 18-2 Parkland Split

Parkland School Board

Jarrett Coleman

David Hein

North Whitehall Township Commissioner(Vote for 1)

Alfred Geosits

South Whitehall Township Commissioner(Vote for 3)

Monica Hodges

David Kennedy

Brad Osborne

Upper Macungie Township Supervisor

Sean Gill

County Commissioner

Antonio Pineda: Slatington and Washington 

Northern Lehigh School Board

Gary S. Fedorcha

Michelle Heckman

Robert J. Keegan Jr.

Slatington Mayor(Vote for 1)

Jeralyn Walters Schoch

Washington Township Supervisor

Shawn Wanamaker

County Commissioner

Antonio Pineda: Heidelberg, Lowhill, Lynn, and Weisenberg

Northwestern Lehigh School Board

Todd Hernandez

Becky Hite

Lauren Hunsicker

Jennifer Senavaitis

Heidelberg Township Supervisor

David O. Fink

Lowhill Township Supervisor

Robb Werley

Lynn Township Supervisor

Brian C. Dietrich

Weisenberg Township Supervisor

Anthony C. Werley

County Commissioner

Jeff Dutt

Salisbury School Board 4 Year Term (Vote for 4)

Joseph D. Gnall

Audrey H. Frick

Laura McKelvey

Salisbury School Board 2 Year Term

Laura McKelvey

Salisbury Township Commissioner 2nd Ward

Alexander J. Karol III

Salisbury Township Commissioner 4th Ward

Rodney C. Conn

Salisbury Township Commissioner 5th Ward

Alok Patnaik

County Commissioner

Jeff Dutt: Coopersburg, Lower Milford and Upper Saucon

Southern Lehigh School Board(Vote for 4)

Nicole King

Stephen R. Maund

Mary Joy Reinartz

Christopher Wayock

Coopersburg Mayor

Gary Hovis

Coopersburg Borough Council

Eric K. Dowdle

Paul Dietz

Joe Ellenberger

Christine E. Norman

Lower Milford Township Supervisor(Vote for 1)

Timothy Cougle

Lowell Linde

John Quigley

Upper Saucon Township Supervisor

Brian Farrell

Stephen Wagne

County Commissioner

Antonio Pineda: Whitehall and Coplay 

Whitehall/Coplay School Board(Vote for 4)

William Fonzone Sr. 

Elizabeth N. Fox

Fady Salloum

Allison Schultz

Whitehall Township Commissioner

Andy Roman

Karen S. Wilt


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